Mileage Correction

Standard rate of £60 for all vehicles.

Mobile Service Available at extra cost

Mileage Correction Process

  • The process consists of hooking up a special device to the vehicle command center and programming the dashboard to reduce vehicle mileage.

Is this legal?

  • Absolutely ! It is legal to adjust a vehicles odometer, however it is illegal to sell a vehicle without disclosing this information.

To arrange odometer correction, text 07445664606 with vehicle model & year and our team will reply ASAP whether it is doable.


  • Any vehicle that is doable, a fixed rate of £60 is charged. To find whether your vehicles odometer can be corrected, text 07445664606 with Make, Model & Year or Click "Vehicle List in the top right corner of the website"

Mobile Odometer Correction Service is AVAILABLE!!

  • Fixed rate of £100 is charged for the mobile odometer correction service, meaning that a member of our team will come to your desired location and the service will be provided.